How South Shore Soaps began.

Mollys fat head.jpeg

We are a small family farm on the south shore of Prince Edward Island. We moved here from Ontario in 2011.

With my love of animals I quickly researched and decided that goats would be a great addition to our farm.

Our first goat arrived in 2012. We now maintain a small herd of 25. The majority being Alpine.

With skin issues in the family and extra milk from the goats , I began the journey to becoming a professional soap maker.

Wanting to share what I love, South Shore Soaps was born.

Our experience with using our handcrafted goat milk soap has been clearer healthier looking skin.

Further research, creating and testing different recipes we have also developed a line of solid Shampoo & Conditioner Bars along with Bubble Bath and Deodorant. 

We hope you try our goat milk soap and other zero waste products we know your skin and the earth will love you for it!


Keep it… Pure. Simple. Clean.